Tuesday, May 5, 2009

test 2

monveetm is designed to quickly discern how people learn, how they relate to God, where they are on their personal spiritual journey and produce a customized spiritual formation plan designed just for them. It helps churches do what no one (or group) of staff people can do.

monveetm is like the “spiritual formation staff” at a church that helps them accomplish what they cannot accomplish by themselves. If churches do not have their own spiritual formation staff member or members, monveetm steps in to equip them to do what they cannot do by themselves. With monveetm church staff can serve as coaches to those on a deeper spiritual journey rather than trying to figure out the individual pathways and resources needed by individuals. While most churches would ever have the ability hire enough staff to produce customized spiritual growth pathways, monveetm does this at a cost of less than one staff member. There is no limit to the number of individuals monveetm can serve in a congregation. Using the power of technology, monveetm
serves an unlimited number of people in congregations who want to go deeper, quickly, efficiently and individually customized.

test one

The monveetm Beta Church program, a four phased plan designed for the monveetm team to work in tandem with Beta Churches on the implementation of this custom spiritual development program, is rolling out this week. Already dozens of churches have enrolled to participate in this innovative approach to spiritual development that connects the desire to grow with individual growth plans for church leaders and members.

“We’ve invited a few influential churches, passionate about spiritual growth, to join Dallas Willard, John Ortberg, and 25 other nationally known churches to use monveetm before its public release, which is scheduled for Christmas 2009,” said Eric Parks, Chief Creative Officer for monveetm. “And we would welcome additional churches to participate if they would like. It will greatly benefit church leaders and members in their spiritual development program.”